ABlefit is a new range of solutions specially designed to improve the aerodynamics of Rigid vehicles and aimed primarily at Bodybuilders.

Using the same high quality design and construction methods as our highly Bespoke solutions, you can be sure that every ABlefit product will provide excellent returns.

We have now turned our flair and expertise to produce an innovative lightweight standard adjustable fairing. This is now available for the vehicles listed below.

We have called it ABlefit because it is so easy and quick to fit. e have produced a high quality patented design that does away with all that awful painted metal bracketry that rattles, adds weight and goes rusty. There are few metal components and they are stainless steel. 


AB Airflow offer individual components or complete vehicle solutions –- you choose the solution that you would like. However, a significant saving can be achieved by the use of the complete system.

To find out more, click on the name of the vehicle that you are interested in. New designs are continuously being added to the ABlefit range –- if you don’t see your vehicle listed please call AB Airflow or click here to send us an email